What Makes Bangalore the IT Hub of India?

Are you a fresher searching for some acceptable IT jobs in Bangalore? Before you alpha your search, it is important to accept the IT area of the city. Accepted as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore enjoys the attendance of the ample bulk of advice technology companies. Abounding best companies, abnormally software biggies and computer accouterments firms, accept started their operations in the city. The advancing IT area is bearing a ample bulk of IT jobs in Bangalore and as a result, humans from throughout the country adopt to analyze the IT jobs in the city.

Employing over 10 actor people, the IT area of Bangalore is the courage of the country. The IT area of the city-limits is disconnected into two capital clusters – Electronics City-limits and Whitefield. Various companies accept opened their offices in these clusters and in the accepted scenario, the city-limits is home to over 900 IT companies.

Electronics City – Anchored in the southern outskirts of Bangalore, Electronics City-limits is an IT park, which is sprawling over 330 acres. Incorporated in 1978, abounding best companies like 3M, Hewlett Packard, Infosys, Wipro and Siemens are anchored in the cluster. Also, the Software Technology Esplanade of India (STPI) was formed in the Electronics City-limits in the year 1991. STPI Bangalore is accepted as one of the oldest internet account providers (ISP) in India. Nortel Networks is a arch applicant of the STPI.

Whitefield – Home to the International Tech Esplanade Bangalore, this array came into the actuality afterwards the collective adventure amid India and Singapore. The Export Promotion Industrial Esplanade Zone (EPIP), amid in Whitefield, is alms campus accessories to TCS, SAP, iGATE, Unisys, Dell, Delphi, Oracle, Huawei and Perot Systems. Also, bound centers of Shell, Tesco, Aviva, Schneider GE, Sapient, Electric, Goodrich / UTC aerospace and DaimlerChrysler, Symphony Teleca Corp and Tonga are anchored in the cluster. Flowserve, the accessory of Flowserve Corp, is accepting its accomplishment Plant and R&D centermost in the EPIP Area.

Other IT parks in Bangalore – The IT esplanade in the Bellandur – Marathahalli – Outer Ring Road array houses Accenture, Deloitte, Aricent, Intel, Cadence, Cisco, EMC Corporation, Nokia, National Instruments, Honeywell, ARM, Logica CMG, Business Objects, Freescale Semiconductors, Capgemini, Sony and i2 Technologies.

The Embassy Golf Links Business Esplanade has companies like Dell, IBM, Yahoo, Microsoft, McAfee, NetApp, Fidelity, LG, Synergy, Dendrite, Sasken, BPL Sanyo, Xora and Lenovo. The Bagmane Tech Esplanade in C. V. Raman Nagar, has companies like Oracle Corporation, Motorola, Texas Instruments, Samsung, Dell, SanDisk, Cognizant and Volvo.


The IT area of Bangalore pays a acceptable bulk to professionals. As a software engineer, you can apprehend to get annihilation amid Rs 5- 7 lakh/annum; while an accessory adviser can back an bulk of Rs 4-5 lakh/annum. Moreover, companies aswell action allowances & incentives to their advisers afar from the salaries.

Future of the IT Sector

Today, Bangalore has become the additional better IT/ITS array in the world. According to the address of the Karnataka ICT Group, by 2020, Bangalore will aftermath over 20 lakh IT jobs and 60 lakh aberrant employment.

As per the abstracts of the Nasscom, out of the 500 Fortune companies, about 105 companies accept a absolute attendance in India for their IT/ITeS/BT Back appointment operations. As per an estimation, about bisected of these companies are accepting their attendance in Bangalore. Over 1,60,000 advisers are alive in these companies. It means, the approaching of the IT area is glorifying and therefore, you should acquisition an IT job in Bangalore.

– aerospace deloitte